Friday, July 5, 2013

"Kinshasa Symphony"

This film is seriously one of my favorites ever. I've recommended it a lot.

Basically, it's a look at a symphony orchestra in the Congo. The dedication and passion that the musicians have in such a difficult environment deeply touched me- yes, I cried. It's inspiring and beautiful. They're making serious effort to create beauty together and are finding meaning in doing so.

I personally spent some years learning viola and am now trying to learn cello, and this makes me appreciate even more what they're doing here. From what I recall, the conductor wasn't classically trained and had retired from a non-creative job (pilot?), but now look at what he's created; it's amazing.

I also loved seeing the luthier (instrument maker/fixer) work, in awe at what he was able to accomplish with limited resources, much like everyone in the film.

I'm fascinated by dedication (especially to the arts) and what life is like in other cultures, and this film has both.

This film does make me think of African music vs European music, and how the richness of African music should be appreciated and preserved. For whatever reason, though, these musicians have found fulfillment and meaning in European classical, so more power to them. The two styles need not be mutually exclusive, but I certainly would never want classical to somehow take over or replace the music unique to Africa. I don't see that happening any time soon, though.

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